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BankingInfo Privacy Policy

It is required by law that we provide a privacy policy statement that reflects how we use your private information. We do not place cookies on your website directly. However, Google Analytics (whom we use to track visitors) may place a cookie on your site to facilitate tracking. In such cases, we strictly use the gathered information to analyse our traffic patterns, and do not provide this information to any other third parties.

Any other information collection on our website is performed by third parties. We maintain plugins for Facebook and Instagram. Visit these sites and review their cookie policies if you need more information on what they do with that info

Our Loan Processing

When you provide information to us in order to process your loan, we provide this information to various loan lenders who compete with each other in order to see who is able to fulfil your loan request. The process is not always the same and is limited to the same set of approximately five lenders. These companies will have access to the information you submit for the purpose of trying to provide a loan to you. BankingInfo does not use this information for any other purpose.